FAQs for the Production Process

Production Process FAQs



4 June, 2024


Here is a draft FAQ for the production process with sample answers:

If you're creating a new mobile app, one of the most important steps is thoroughly testing it before releasing it to the public. Going through a closed testing period with real users allows you to work out any kinks and make improvements based on feedback.

In this blog post, we'll walk through the closed testing process we followed for our latest app release, including how we recruited testers, the type of feedback we received, and the key changes we made before launching the app. Proper testing helps ensure your app provides the best possible experience for users right from the start. By providing this introduction, readers know the blog will cover the details of the app testing and production process.


Q. How did you recruit users for your closed test? For example, did you ask friends and family, or use a paid testing provider?

We asked friends and family to join our closed test for initial feedback and also used a paid testing provider to get a wider range of opinions. This gave us both familiar and professional perspectives.

Q. How easy was it to recruit testers for your app?

Neither difficult or easy

Q. Describe the engagement you received from testers during your closed test? Include whether or not testers utilized all of the features in your app, and whether tester usage was consistent with how you would expect a real user to use your app. If not, describe the differences you would expect to see

During our closed test, testers were very engaged and provided positive feedback. Most of the app’s features were tested across various devices and OS versions.

Q. Provide a summary of the feedback that you received from testers. Include how you collected the feedback.

Positive feedback was provided to the app as it ran as expected on the testing devices. The functionalities also worked as intended.

Q. Who is the intended audience of your app?

Here you need to describe the functionality of your app and the target age of the audience.

Q. How many installs do you expect your app to have in your first year?

Provide an expected download answer.

Q. What changes did you make to your app based on what you learned during your closed test?

The app performed on the testing devices as expected across different versions of Android devices and OS versions so changes were not required in the app.

Q. How did you decide that your app is ready for production?

We decided our app was ready for production after thorough testing and positive feedback from users. We ensured it worked well on different devices and confirmed it met our quality standards. Finally, we felt confident in its performance and user experience, leading us to proceed with the production release.


This process might seem daunting at first, but with careful preparation and attention to detail, you can navigate it successfully. From setting up your developer account to managing post-launch updates, each step is crucial to ensuring your app's smooth entry into the market. Stay committed to maintaining high standards, and your app will be well-positioned for success.

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