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Webtonative Plugin in Your WordPress


Mohit Sharma

9 February, 2024


Creating a plugin for WordPress that adds in-app purchases, social logins, and push notifications requires several integration steps. Here's a general outline of how you might approach building such a plugin:

Plugin Setup

  • Begin by setting up a new WordPress plugin. You can create a new directory within the wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress installation. Screenshot 2024-02-16 134645.png
  • Go to Add New Plugin search for Webtonative install the plugin and then activate it. Screenshot 2024-02-16 143617.png

In-App Purchases Integration

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings and then go to Payments then select the Webtonative Payment gateway enable it and you are ready to go. Screenshot 2024-02-16 144439.png

  • In the payment gateway add your store secret key and save changes and your site is good to go for In-app purchases. Screenshot 2024-02-16 170344.png

  • Determine which platform(s) you'll be integrating with for in-app purchases (e.g., Apple App Store, Google Play Store).

  • After enabling the payment method add your product ID, and product type, and add your Google or App Store product ID in the product section.

Screenshot 2024-02-16 170527.png

  • When you receive any order for your product you see in your orders list just simply go to WooCommerce > Orders and you will see the list of orders. Screenshot 2024-02-16 163235.png
  • Provide hooks or functions that allow WordPress site owners to easily integrate in-app purchase functionality into their apps.

Social Logins Integration

  • On the sidebar you see your Webtonative Plugin Simply click on that and you get the Social login options. Screenshot 2024-02-16 145555.png

  • Choose the social login providers you want to integrate with (e.g., Facebook, Google).

  • Utilize OAuth or other authentication protocols provided by social platforms to enable users to log in using their social accounts.

  • Provide settings within your plugin for WordPress site owners to configure social login options.

Push Notifications Integration

  • Select a push notification service provider (e.g., Firebase Cloud Messaging, OneSignal). Screenshot 2024-02-16 150526.png

  • Integrate the chosen push notification services into your WordPress plugin.

  • Implement functions to send push notifications to users based on certain events or criteria.

  • Allow WordPress site owners to configure push notification settings and messages through your plugin's settings.

Remember to comply with the terms & service it is only applicable to those apps that are built with Webtonative https://www.webtonative.com/ only, and any third-party services or platforms you integrate with, such as app stores and social media platforms. Additionally, prioritize user privacy and data security when implementing features like social logins.

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