What is a splash screen and how should I get one?

Create Your Spalsh Screen


Mohit Sharma

1 March, 2024


Nowadays when you open your favourite app on your phone you're greeted by a splash screen. It's the screen that shows up while the app is getting ready to start. This little screen might seem small but it's quite important. Let's take a closer look at why it matters and how to create one that truly captivates.

What is a Splash Screen?

The app splash screen is often referred to as the launch screen. It's the first thing you see when you open an app and it usually has the app's logo and colours on it. This screen pops up for a few seconds while the app is getting itself ready to go. It's a visual placeholder that appears while the app loads in the background. It's like the curtain rising on a stage setting the scene for the performance about to unfold.


Why Do Splash Screens Matter?

It might seem like a tiny detail but they're pretty important to stand out.

Getting Ready: The launch screen gives the app a few seconds to get ready for you to use it. They bridge the gap between tapping the app icon and immersing yourself in its content giving you a sneak peek into what's to come.

Introducing the App: Screens help you get a feel for what the app is like before you start using it. By showing the app logo with its branding they create a cohesive and memorable brand experience from the outset.

Making It Fun and Engaging: Even though apps load pretty fast these days splash screens make waiting a little more fun. They distract you from waiting too long and make you feel like the app is almost ready to go.

Keeping It Pretty: A nice launch screen makes the app look even better. It's like decorating the front door of your house to make it look inviting. help in offering a visually pleasing and cohesive introduction to the app making it reliable and usable.

3 best practices for making the splash screen

Here are some tips for making your screen awesome:

Keep It Simple: Don't put too much stuff on the splash screen. Just stick to the app's logo, colours and maybe a simple animation. Focus on highlighting the app's core branding elements while avoiding clutter or unnecessary distractions.

Use Bright Colors: Bright colours catch your eye and make the screen look cool. So, choose colours that stand out and make the screen look interesting. Consistent use of colours, typography and visual elements helps reinforce brand identity and creates a seamless transition for users.

Make It Fast: Nobody likes waiting too long for an app to load. Keep the splash screen short and sweet, so you can start using the app quickly. Optimize graphics and animations to ensure swift loading preventing users from experiencing delays or frustration.

How Long Should Splash Screens Last?

Splash screens don't stick around for long they're just there for a few seconds while the app gets ready. It's like saying "Hi" and then getting out of the way so you can start using the app. It mustn't take too long or you might get bored waiting.

First Feel of the App: The splash screen serves as the first interaction with a user setting the tone for users and feel. A carefully set duration ensures a seamless and engaging introduction.

User Engagement: Beyond aesthetics, the splash screen duration is pivotal in maintaining user engagement during the loading process. Strike a balance between brevity and effectiveness to keep users intrigued and invested in the app experience.

Branding Opportunity: Screen duration is an invaluable canvas to reinforce your brand identity through logo integration, colour schemes and visual storytelling. This fleeting encounter can leave a lasting impact on users' perception of your app.

Make a splash screen with WebtoNative

With Webtonative you create an app launch screen you can use your existing app icon to create your splash screen or you can upload a unique image instead. You can also select and set unique custom colour backgrounds for your screen. Once you have chosen these different elements. Start creating your launch screen for Android or iOS once your app is getting ready click Edit app and go to splash screen.


Once going to the splash screen fill in all the required details like your image or animation and save it.


With WebtoNative full-service app configuration service we will help you design an app splash screen as well as select the app icon, in-app images, fonts, and colours. To create a splash screen you need to create your own app go to Webtonative Website to app converter to create your app.

In a Nutshell,

Splash screens or launch screens are like the welcome mat of the app world. They make the app look good, get you excited to start using it, and keep things fun while you wait. By keeping it simple, using bright colours, and making sure it doesn't take too long, splash screens make your app experience awesome right from the start!

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