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Mohit Sharma

24 April, 2024


App development from scratch can be a difficult and time consuming task. When you want to make an app with a small and simple idea, It can be difficult, and the challenges you’ll face in the development process will be exhausting. And for a small business, the challenges can be torn up to leave the entire development process.

With the omnipresence of no-code platforms, it's easy to make an app, and the development process is not that complex. You have to find the right platform to build an app for your business, and you can easily publish it on the app stores.

Webtonative is one of the no-code platform that allows you to build an app by using your WordPress website link. In this, we will discuss how to create a WordPress mobile app from scratch and some top features you can integrate into your app.

Develop a WordPress site into an app in a few minutes

Converting your WordPress website into an app is not a complex process. There are various tools that allow you to build an app, use your website as a backend database and create a mobile app.

Webtonative is a no-code tool that quickly does the complex part of app development and allows you to convert your website into an app. The process is easy and doesn't require any coding skills.

How does the process work

Building app with Website Link: Start by visiting the Webtonative site, paste your WordPress website link, and select the platform for your app (Android & iOS) give the name of your App and view the demo. Make sure your website is optimised because if there is any issue with your site, it will affect the app.

Personalize your app: Customise your app by adding an app icon, launch screen, and handle other parts of your app. You can use available design tools to upload your artwork and assets. Also, you can add a no internet connection screen and customise the Navigation Bar to make the app appealing.

Publish your app: After all the customization, you can download it and submit it to the app store once your app is ready. Webtonative apps are well constructed to get app store approval and help to publish your app.

Premium features you should have in your WordPress app

Developing an app is not the end of the process. You should also know the features that make your app more premium.

Webtonative allows you to add premium and powerful features to your app to make the user experience better and more seamless.

Bottom navigation tab

Bottom navigation tabs help enhance the user experience in mobile apps by simplifying navigation and providing quick access to key sections. Their constant presence ensures that users can easily switch between different parts of the app without remembering the app pattern. By following a familiar pattern bottom navigation reduces learning curves for new users and helps to hold users with an attractive and easy interface. Also, it minimizes the risk of getting users lost.

Google Firebase Notification

Notification service powered by Google Firebase that enables to send targeted and personalised push notifications to the user on their mobile application. By having this in your mobile app you can engage with users by sending timely and relevant messages such as promotions, updates and reminders of important information. The service is supported by Android and iOS and offers features like audience segmentation, message customization and analytics tracking. With Webtonative the integration is simple and it's a popular choice of many app makers to implement effective communication strategies.

Social login

Social login also known as social sign-in or social authentication, is a feature that allows users to log in to your mobile app using their existing social media accounts instead of creating a new username and password. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn are commonly used for social login.

Implementing social login offers several benefits for both users and the app maker. For users, it eliminates the need to remember multiple login credentials, streamlining the authentication process and reducing friction during sign-up. It also provides a convenient and familiar login experience, as users can use their preferred social media accounts to access different services.

From app makers, integrating social login can simplify user authentication and registration processes, accelerating user onboarding and improving conversion rates. It also allows developers to access certain user data provided by social media platforms (with user consent), which can be used to personalize the user experience and target content more effectively.

Deep Website linking

WebToNative provides deep integration with WordPress, ensuring seamless synchronization between your WordPress website and your mobile app. This integration extends to all native WordPress features, meaning that any actions performed on your WordPress site, such as publishing or editing posts, creating categories, or updating pages, will automatically reflect in your app. This real-time synchronization ensures that your app stays up-to-date with the latest content and changes on your website.

Plugins integrations

WebToNative offers robust support for custom post types and taxonomies, providing flexibility and versatility in building mobile apps for WordPress websites. Whether you're using third-party plugins WebToNative seamlessly syncs these custom content types and taxonomies to your app. This means that regardless of the specialized content you're managing on your WordPress site, whether it's courses, properties, events, or any other custom content, you can extend the reach of your platform by offering a mobile app experience to your users.

By enabling the synchronization of custom post types and taxonomies, WebToNative empowers developers and website owners to create tailored mobile apps by using the unique features and functionalities of their WordPress websites, without being limited by native WordPress capabilities. Whether you're building an educational app, a property listing app, or any other type of application.

WebToNative ensures that your app reflects the full breadth of content available on your WordPress site, enhancing the user experience and maximizing engagement.

Premium native app for Android and iOS

WebToNative provides stylish designs for Android and iOS apps that are easy to use. These apps are fast and work well for browsing and making purchases. Your website's content is smoothly transferred to the app, so users can access everything quickly. You can customize how the app looks by arranging menus and choosing how posts and pages appear. You can also see how your app will look before it's finished and test it on real smartphones.

For Android, you can download APK file and install in your phone, and for iOS, you can try out WebToNative using TestFlight. It's an easy way to make sure your app looks great and works smoothly on both types of devices.


Nowadays is common to use a mobile app for your online business to grow. However, the pricing and complex structure will sidetrack you from getting started.

This is where the DIY mobile app converter comes into the picture. With a platform like Webtonative, you can create your own mobile app with the help of your WordPress website link with easy easy-looking interface and affordable pricing.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about converting your website into an app? Here are some commonly asked questions.

Why convert my WordPress website to a mobile app?

Converting your WordPress website to a mobile app can provide several benefits, including improved user engagement, enhanced user experience, access to native device features, and the opportunity to reach a wider audience through app stores.

How does the conversion process work?

The conversion process typically involves using a service or platform that specializes in converting WordPress websites to mobile apps. These services often offer tools or plugins that streamline the conversion process, allowing you to create a mobile app from your existing website content.

Do I need coding knowledge to convert my website to a mobile app?

While some technical knowledge may be helpful but if you don't have any coding knowledge no issues you are good to go.

Will my app have the same features as my website?

In most cases, the mobile app will mirror the features and content of your WordPress website. However, certain functionalities may need to be adapted or optimized for the mobile environment, and some advanced features may require additional customization.

What platforms can I publish my mobile app on?

Depending on the conversion platform you choose, you may be able to publish your mobile app on multiple platforms, including the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Some platforms also offer support for publishing apps on other app stores or distributing them independently.

Can I customize the design and branding of my app?

Yes, many conversion platforms allow you to customize the design, branding, and layout of your mobile app to align with your website's branding and style. This typically includes options to customize colors, fonts, logos, and other visual elements.

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