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Facebook business page


Mohit Sharma

18 April, 2024


Learn how to create a Facebook Business Page optimised to enhance brand visibility and engagement making it simpler for people to find and connect with your brand online.

Nike, Fenty, and other Metropolitan brands all share something in common: they each have a presence on Facebook through their Business Pages. We believe your remarkable company belongs among these esteemed brands.

Facebook remains the largest social network globally with over three billion active monthly users. Not using this platform to connect with your customers means missing out on significant opportunities. (Consider it tough love! Embrace it!)

In addition to audience expansion, having a Facebook Page enables you to establish Shops and advertise across Meta's platforms. And the best part? It won't cost you a penny.

What is a Facebook business page?

A Facebook Business Page is a public profile created on Facebook for businesses, organizations, and public figures to showcase themselves.

People can follow (or "Like") Facebook Business Pages to view updates, images, and videos from their preferred brands, companies, or creators and engage with them.

To utilize Facebook ads, set up a Facebook Shop, and access other promotional tools and commerce features on Facebook, having a Facebook Business Page is essential.

Create your Facebook business page in just simple steps

Step 1: Select or make a personal Facebook account

Facebook Business Pages are distinct from personal profiles or users on Facebook. They're managed by individuals known as Page administrators. A Page can have multiple administrators, but we'll cover that later.

You have two options: either use your existing personal Facebook account or create a new one using your work email address if you prefer to keep your personal and professional lives separate.

After logging into your chosen account, click on the Create a Page link or find the Pages section in your Facebook account's menu. Untitled design - 2024-04-18T144356.109.png Once you're on the Pages menu, select "Create new page." Untitled design - 2024-04-18T151345.789.png

Step 2: Provide your business details

Now it's time to add all the necessary information to your new Facebook business profile. To begin, you'll need to come up with a name for your Page. Typically, this would be your business name, but you can also be more specific. For instance, if you're creating a Page for a particular branch of your clothing business, you might name it Squeezer Clothing New Delhi. Alternatively, if you're focusing on updates about your brand, you could name it Squeezer Clothing Awareness.

Next, select the category that best fits your business like Food & Drink, Media, Footwear Store, or any other relevant category.

While the Bio section is optional, it's a good idea to fill it out promptly. Consider including keywords to improve your social SEO. For example, writing "Squeezer Clothing shop!" will likely increase your discoverability compared to a vague description like "A cool place to buy the latest outfits." Untitled design - 2024-04-18T152459.151.png Once you've filled in the necessary details, click the blue "Create Page" button to proceed. Remember, you can always make adjustments to these details later, so don't worry too much about getting everything perfect right away.

Step 3: Add your contact information

In this step of setting up your Facebook business page, you'll be inputting your contact details. Enter your website URL, phone number, and email address. Keep in mind that this information will be publicly visible, so ensure you're comfortable with it being published. Untitled design - 2024-04-18T152828.602.png If you have a physical location, you can also add it at this stage, along with your operating hours if applicable. Remember, you can always edit, update, or remove any of this information later on. Click "Next" when you're ready to proceed.

Step 4: Enhance with visuals and a call-to-action button

Now it's time to add some flair! Similar to a personal Facebook profile, a Facebook Business Page looks more appealing with a profile photo and a cover image.

For businesses, using your logo as the profile photo is recommended. This image will appear alongside all your Facebook activities, such as commenting on posts or engaging in Messenger chats. Choose an image that effectively represents your brand. Untitled design - 2024-04-18T153244.448.png Keep in mind that the Facebook profile picture is always displayed in a circle and appears at 170×170 pixels on desktop computers. The cover image should have dimensions of 851×315 pixels. (These measurements may change, so refer to the social media specs cheat sheet for the latest sizing information.) Untitled design - 2024-04-18T153324.319.png Below where you upload your images, you'll find the "Add Action Button" button. Click on that if you'd like to include a call-to-action on your Facebook Page. You'll be prompted to choose an option such as "Start Order," "Send Message," or "Get Tickets." Depending on your selection, you may need to connect your Facebook Page to your reservation software or e-commerce platform.

Step 5: Integrate with WhatsApp if desired

If you want to engage with customers via WhatsApp, you can add a dedicated WhatsApp button at this stage. Simply enter your WhatsApp number and follow the steps to verify it with a confirmation code. Untitled design - 2024-04-18T153646.571.png Not using WhatsApp? Just click "Skip" to proceed to the next step of setting up your fantastic Facebook Business Page.

Step 6: Invite your friends to like your Page!

Of course, as you start crafting incredible, engaging Facebook content, your follower count will naturally soar. But hey, everyone has to begin somewhere, right? Before you unveil your Page to the world, take the opportunity to invite your Facebook friends to connect with it. Go ahead... don't be hesitant! Untitled design - 2024-04-18T154122.269.png

Step 7: Adjust your notification settings

You'll definitely want to stay in the loop when activity picks up on your page, right? Toggle "Page notifications on your profile" to receive updates about your Facebook Business Page even when you're logged in to your personal profile.

You can also choose whether to receive marketing and promotional materials, as well as updates about Meta products and services. Who doesn't appreciate the occasional email? Untitled design - 2024-04-18T154433.437.png Once you've made your selections, click "Done" to wrap it up!

Step 8: Personalize your Facebook Business Page

Even though you just clicked "Done" a moment ago, there are still a few optional tasks to tackle here.

If you click the "Edit details" button, you'll have the opportunity to provide additional information to help your followers understand what your business is all about.

You can choose to display or hide your contact information and add details such as your service area or pronouns.

Consider including a price range or specifics about the services you offer. Untitled design - 2024-04-18T155015.683.png Under the top menu, you can click on "More" and "Manage sections" to adjust which sections are publicly visible. For example, you can uncheck "Reviews given" if you prefer to keep your reviewing habits private. Untitled design - 2024-04-18T155101.923.png

Step 9: Customize your privacy preferences

Navigate to the left-hand side of the page and select "Settings," then "Privacy." Here, you'll have the freedom to adjust your privacy settings according to your preferences. Do you want to permit others to post freely on your page? Are you comfortable with followers leaving reviews of your business? Untitled design - 2024-04-18T155639.722.png These settings can be toggled on or off at any time, but it's wise to consider your comfort level before diving in headfirst.

Step 10: Connect your Instagram page

If you also have an Instagram Business Page, linking it to Facebook is a smart move. This allows you to manage both platforms conveniently from one place, including your Instagram Shopping catalogue.

To connect Facebook and Instagram, head to Settings and then Linked Accounts. Click on Connect Account and follow the instructions provided. Untitled design - 2024-04-18T155830.514.png

Step 11: Get posting!

Congratulations! You've successfully created your Facebook Business Page. Now, it's time to actually start posting some content on it.

Posting on your Page is similar to posting on your personal profile. You can use text, add photos, share links, conduct polls, or even go Live if you're feeling adventurous.

While we have a comprehensive guide to Facebook marketing available, the key takeaway is this: provide value to your followers, rather than constantly pitching sales.

Strive to entertain, inform, or inspire your audience. To kickstart your posting journey, try experimenting with these 16 Facebook post ideas and observe the likes and shares roll in. Untitled design - 2024-04-18T155907.291.png

Pro tip: If you want to expand the reach of your posts beyond your current audience, consider boosting them.

Facebook Business Page FAQs

Is there a difference between a Facebook Page and a Business Page?

  • No, both terms refer to the same thing: a Facebook profile for your business.

Is a Facebook Business Page free?

  • Yes, creating a Facebook Business Page doesn't cost anything. However, paid services like Facebook advertising and post boosting are available as optional extras.

Can I separate my Business Page from my personal account on Facebook?

  • Yes, your personal Facebook account and your Facebook Business Page are separate entities and won't be publicly linked. While you need a personal account to create and manage a Business Page, you can create a separate personal profile using your work email address if you prefer.

What’s the recommended Facebook page cover photo size?

  • As of now, the recommended Facebook Page cover photo size is 851 x 315 pixels. Keep in mind that platform specifications may change, so it's a good idea to refer to our social media image size guide for the latest information.

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