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8 March, 2024


Discover how real-time chat can help businesses attract more customers by providing quick assistance, boosting conversions, and building stronger relationships. Learn about the benefits of live chat, including faster response times, streamlined customer service, and enhanced user experience.

When customers need help they might not want to call you on the phone. They may have a quick question or don't have time to wait for an email response or to talk to someone. Waiting too long to get help can make them decide not to buy from you or even stop liking your brand. That's why a lot of customer service teams are using real-time chat instead. It lets them help customers quickly and keep them happy.

What is a real-time chat?

Real-time chat also called live chat is a way to talk with customers right away using your website or messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. You can send messages back and forth instantly like texting with friends. It's called "real-time" because when someone sends a message it shows up immediately on the other person's screen.

What are the benefits of real-time chat?

Real-time chat a staple of modern customer service offers numerous advantages once incorporated into your business strategy. Among its notable benefits is its ability to provide swift responses to customer inquiries. Unlike the traditional methods of communication like email or phone calls which can entail waiting times live chat allows customer service teams to address queries promptly. On average, it takes just 42 seconds for customer service representatives to respond to live chat messages enabling them to handle multiple inquiries efficiently.

This immediacy is crucial for customer satisfaction as many consumers prioritize quick issue resolution when making purchasing decisions. According to Accenture, 24% of customers consider fast issue resolution as one of their top priorities. Real-time chat mitigates the frustration that can arise from prolonged waiting periods demonstrating the company's commitment to addressing customer needs promptly.

Real-time chat facilitates a smoother customer experience and faster response times through live chat directly impacts key customer service performance indicators (KPIs) like Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate. These metrics become more positive with quicker and more efficient issue resolution.

Takes the pressure off your customer service team

Real-time chat systems are like your customer service superheroes sorting through different types of customer questions so your team can focus on what matters.

Quick Fixes with FAQs: Imagine having a virtual assistant that knows all the common questions customers ask like How do I reset my password? Or what are your shipping options? That's where AI-powered chatbots come in. They instantly respond to these FAQs saving your team time for more complex issues.

Easy Answers for Simple Queries: Some questions aren't FAQs but are still pretty easy to handle. With real-time chat, your team can swoop in ask a few questions and provide quick solutions. It's like having a friendly chat with a knowledgeable friend who's always there to help.

Gathering Info for Tough Problems: When things get tricky the real-time chat acts as your team's sidekick gathering all the important details upfront. Agents can chat with customers and collect account info or details about the issue, so when they switch to a phone call or email they're armed with everything they need to tackle the problem head-on.

Boosts conversions and builds deeper relationships

Real-time chat widgets strategically placed on your website can significantly boost conversions and foster stronger connections with customers.

By integrating chat widgets effectively you can set up automated messages to engage customers at crucial moments during their purchasing journey. For instance, when customers visit specific pages or take certain actions proactive messages can be triggered to offer assistance, address inquiries or provide additional information. This proactive engagement not only guides customers through the buying process but also helps mitigate potential issues ultimately reducing bounce rates and enhancing overall user experience.

Checkout Page: Trigger messages when customers spend a certain amount of time on the page without completing a purchase. Addressing concerns or providing assistance with payments and billing can encourage conversions.

Contact Us Page: Initiate conversations as soon as customers land on the page intercepting queries that can be quickly resolved via live chat and alleviating pressure on customer service agents.

Pricing Pages: Reach out to customers upon their initial visit to address any hesitations regarding costs, payment methods, or discounts guiding them towards the next steps in their buying journey.

Product Information and Tutorial Pages: Engage customers with messages if they spend a significant amount of time on the page without interacting with links. Provide relevant information and encourage them to explore further increasing their engagement and retention on your site.

Makes it easier for customers to reach out

Real-time chat offers a seamless avenue for customers to reach out for assistance removing the barriers that often deter them from seeking help. Many customers may abandon their queries due to the inconvenience of locating contact information or the perceived hassle of making a phone call later. By integrating a chatbox directly on the website customers can initiate conversations with a simple click without the need to navigate away from the page.

This accessibility not only expedites problem-solving but also encourages customers to stay on the website longer as they can address their concerns in real-time without interruption. Moreover, the immediacy of real-time chat fosters a sense of trust and reliability as customers receive prompt responses to their inquiries. As a result, they are more likely to build a stronger relationship with the brand leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty over time.

Using live chat software for real-time chat

Live chat software revolutionizes customer communication by facilitating real-time messaging on websites. In addition to chat widgets, these platforms offer advanced features for streamlined customer support. This includes chatbot functionality automating responses to FAQs and enhancing efficiency. Moreover, tracking and performance analysis tools empower businesses to monitor key metrics such as query volume and response times optimizing support strategies effectively.

Self-service components enable customers to select specific topics for assistance, expediting problem resolution. Canned responses provide quick replies to common questions, ensuring consistency across interactions. Chat triggers allow proactive engagement based on customer actions, fostering personalized interactions.

Integration with CRM and ERP systems offers valuable context for customer queries, enabling agents to deliver more tailored support. By leveraging these features, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, forge deeper relationships, and drive conversions. Ultimately, live chat software serves as a vital tool for modern businesses, empowering them to provide exceptional customer support experiences and stay ahead in today's competitive market.

Real-time chatting with Orufy Connect

Orufy Connect offers easy and affordable real-time messaging for customer service. With a simple interface, detailed tracking, advanced automation, and a state-of-the-art chatbot, businesses can delight customers effortlessly. Elevate your customer service strategy with Orufy Connect for seamless interactions and improved satisfaction.


Real-time chat offers businesses a powerful tool for improving customer service and driving growth. By providing immediate assistance, streamlining communication, and offering personalized support, businesses can attract more customers, boost conversions, and foster deeper relationships with their audience. With the right live chat software, such as Orufy Connect, businesses can deliver exceptional customer experiences and stay ahead in today's competitive market.

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