How retail chatbot can maximise your sales?

Retail chatbot


Mohit Sharma

27 May, 2024


As a retail or e-commerce owner, you know how important providing the best customer service is for boosting sales and keeping customers coming back. But handling a lot of questions, especially after business hours can be tough. That’s where retail chatbots can help.

Let’s look at how retail chatbots can boost your sales and make your customers happier.

Chatbot use case in retail

Retail chatbots can make customer service better and boost sales by quickly answering common questions, handling orders and returns, and giving personalized product recommendations based on what customers like.

There are various examples of retail chatbots in the market and everyone has their own unique features. Some retail chatbot examples include Myntra's Maya chatbot offers personalized shopping assistance, Tata Cliq uses Cliqbot Arqade for customer service & FAQs, other are Reliance JioMart uses a chatbot on WhatsApp allows users to browse products, place orders and get customer support.

80% of business experts predict AI chatbots to become even more important in customer communication and the trend continues to develop.

24/7 Customer Support

Immediate Assistance:

Chatbots are like your helpful friends who are always there day or night to answer your questions about products, orders or returns. So, whether they're shopping at noon or midnight they can get the info they need right away making their shopping experience smoother and more convenient.

Live Chat Hand-off:

If things get a bit tricky and they need a human touch chatbots smoothly pass the conversation over to real people who can help. This means they won't have to wait long for expert assistance ensuring their questions are answered quickly and accurately. Untitled design - 2024-05-27T142231.099.png

Easy Checkout Process

Simplified Checkout:

Chatbots act like their personal checkout assistant, walking through each step of the process smoothly. From filling out forms to applying discount codes, make sure everything is easy and quick, so they can complete their purchase without any hassle. This helps reduce the chances of abandoning a shopping cart and ensures a seamless shopping experience.

Payment Assistance:

If they ever run into any payment issues, chatbots are there to help in real time. Whether it's a problem with their card or any other payment issue, they provide immediate support to resolve the issue and ensure the transaction goes through smoothly. By addressing these issues promptly, chatbots help prevent cart abandonment and ensure a successful checkout experience. Untitled design - 2024-05-27T145117.789.png

Handling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Automated Responses:

Chatbots are like FAQ wizards, instantly responding to all those common questions about products, shipping, returns, and more. By doing this, they free up human agents to focus on trickier problems, making sure everyone gets the help they need fast. This instant gratification not only boosts customer satisfaction but also leads to more sales because happy customers are more likely to buy again.

Omnichannel Support

Consistent Experience:

Imagine getting the same awesome support whether they're on the website, mobile app, or social media. That's what omnichannel support is all about! It ensures that no matter where they interact with the brand they get the same seamless experience every time. This builds trust with customers and makes them more likely to buy because they know they can always rely on the brand for great service.

Social Media Integration:

Chatbots aren't just for websites anymore, They're also popping up on social media platforms making it easier than ever to connect with customers. These chatbots engage customers in personalized interactions, driving traffic to the online store and boosting sales in the process. So, whether they're scrolling through the feed or browsing the website, chatbots are there to help them out and make their shopping experience even better.

Customer Feedback Collection

Post-Purchase Surveys:

After they make a purchase chatbots can reach out and ask for their feedback. This helps the company understand how satisfied they are and where they can improve. By collecting this info can make sure their next shopping experience is even better.

Product Reviews:

Chatbots can also promote to leave a review for the product they bought. These reviews not only help other shoppers make informed decisions but also boost the credibility of the product. So, by leaving a review through the chatbot, they're not just sharing their experience they're influencing future buyers too.

Sales and Promotions Alerts

Flash Sales Notifications:

Ever get that rush when they hear about a flash sale? Chatbots can give that feeling by alerting about limited-time offers and special promotions. This creates a sense of urgency, making them want to buy right away before they miss out on a great deal.

Event-Based Promotions:

Imagine getting a special message on your birthday or during the holidays with a personalized offer just for you. Chatbots can do that! They send tailored messages during events like holidays or customer birthdays, encouraging them to treat themselves to something special for the occasion. So, whether it's a flash sale or a holiday treat, chatbots keep them in the loop and make sure they never miss out on a good deal.

Order Management

Order Tracking:

Ever wonder where your package is? Chatbots have them back! They give real-time updates on order status, shipping details, and even delivery times. This keeps them in the loop and reduces that anxious feeling of waiting for their package to arrive. With chatbots, they'll always know exactly when to expect their goodies, making the shopping experience stress-free and satisfying.

Easy Returns:

Sometimes things don't work out, and that's okay! Chatbots make returns and exchanges a breeze. They guide them through the process step-by-step, making it quick and easy to send back items they're not happy with. By making returns hassle-free, chatbots build trust with customers and make them more likely to come back for more.

Behaviour Analysis with CSAT

Analyzing interaction data from chatbots offers invaluable insights into customer behaviour, guiding retailers in optimizing their sales strategies and marketing campaigns. By understanding how customers engage with chatbots, retailers can identify trends and preferences, enabling them to tailor their approach to better meet customer needs. This data-driven approach not only enhances the effectiveness of sales strategies, such as upselling and cross-selling techniques but also enables retailers to create more targeted and impactful marketing campaigns. Ultimately, leveraging chatbot interaction data empowers retailers to deliver a more personalized and satisfying customer experience, driving higher satisfaction levels and increasing sales.

Chatbot for your retail business

There are numerous retail chatbots available, but our Orufy Connect stands out as a suitable choice. Powered by AI technology, it excels in providing swift and precise responses to customer inquiries, managing orders and returns efficiently, and delivering personalized product recommendations. What's more, its user-friendly interface makes setup easy, requiring no coding knowledge.

Guide your customers through the buying process with Connect!

Connect offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for handling customer inquiries. Retail chatbots not only increase revenue and reduce costs but also enhance customer satisfaction.

With numerous retail chatbot examples and software options available, finding the perfect fit for your business is easy.

For an immediate boost in sales, you can rely on our e-com chatbot at Connect. Our features cover essential tasks such as promoting special offers, adding items to the cart, processing orders, and providing 24/7 support.

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