What are web widgets? And why we need that.

What are web widgets?


Mohit Sharma

6 March, 2024


Orufy Connect's customizable chat widget offers 24/7 support, proactive messaging, and easy integration, enhancing user experience effortlessly.

Web widgets are small tools you can add to your website, like chat support or email sign-up forms, to make it more engaging and helpful for visitors. Orufy Connect's customizable chat widget offers 24/7 support, proactive messaging, and easy integration, enhancing user experience effortlessly.

You've probably noticed elements like clocks, calendars, or help buttons on websites, right? These are what we call web widgets.

Now, let's dive deeper. Web widgets are small applications or tools that you can add to your website to make it more useful or engaging. They can come in various forms, from simple tools like weather displays to more complex features like live chat support.

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So, how do you choose the right web widget for your website and your visitors? Stick around to learn more about this!

What is a web widget?

A web widget, also known as a website widget, is a third-party application integrated into a webpage to enhance its functionality. These elements are standalone components that come in various forms, such as clocks, calendars, chat buttons, or feedback forms. They are easy to implement and require no changes to the backend coding of the website.

Web widgets have the power to transform a website from a static platform into an interactive and engaging experience for visitors and customers. Among the diverse array of web widgets, chat widgets stand out as particularly popular, enabling instant engagement between visitors and your team.

What is a chat widget?

A chat widget is a small box usually found in the bottom corner of a webpage where customers can talk directly to your sales or support teams. These widgets are managed by live chat agents or chatbots, assisting 24/7.

Chat widgets make it simple for customers to contact you without having to search your website for help. They can be used to offer proactive support, give tips, and share deals to turn visitors into customers. Additionally, they can help customers solve problems by providing answers to frequently asked questions right in the chat window.

The chat widget is only a web widget

No, chat widgets are just one type of web widget. Many others can be useful for your webpage

Email Marketing Widgets: These widgets enable visitors to sign up for your newsletter or blog directly from your website. By integrating an email marketing widget, you can grow your subscriber list and keep your audience engaged with your latest updates, promotions, and content.

Social Media Widgets: Social media widgets allow visitors to share your website content or follow your social media profiles without leaving your site. You can embed feeds from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, showcasing your latest posts and encouraging interaction with your social media channels.

Booking Widgets: Adding a booking widget to your website streamlines the appointment scheduling process for your visitors. Whether you're offering services, consultations, or appointments, a booking widget allows customers to book slots directly from your site, reducing friction and improving conversion rates.

Forms and Survey Widgets: Custom forms and survey widgets enable you to collect valuable information from your website visitors. By creating tailored forms, you can gather feedback, collect contact details, or conduct surveys to better understand your audience's needs and preferences. This data can inform your marketing strategies and help you deliver personalized experiences to your customers.

Why do you need a web widget for your website?

Customer Service: Chat widgets provide a convenient way for customers to reach out to your business instantly. Whether they have questions, need assistance, or want to resolve an issue, having a chat widget ensures they can easily connect with your support team without having to search for contact information or wait for email responses.

Sales: Chat widgets are powerful tools for boosting sales conversions. By engaging with website visitors in real time, you can offer personalized assistance, address any concerns they may have, and guide them through the purchasing process. Additionally, chat widgets enable you to proactively reach out to potential customers, providing them with relevant product recommendations and incentives to make a purchase.

Marketing: Chat widgets serve as valuable marketing channels for promoting your products, services, and special offers. You can use the chat platform to deliver targeted messages, such as exclusive discounts or limited-time promotions, directly to visitors browsing your website. By leveraging the immediacy of chat communication, you can capture users' attention and encourage them to take action, ultimately driving more conversions and revenue for your business.

Why should you choose the Orufy Connect chat widget?

Customizable Design: Orufy Connect's chat widget is highly customizable allowing you to adjust its appearance to align with your brand's visual identity. You have the flexibility to change names, avatars, and language ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience that resonates with your target audience.

24/7 Availability: Connect offers chatbots that operate 24/7 providing continuous support to your customers even outside of regular business hours. These chatbots are equipped with no-code automation capabilities enabling them to handle common queries autonomously. When faced with more complex issues they seamlessly escalate the conversation to live agents ensuring prompt and efficient resolution while preventing missed opportunities for customer engagement and conversion.

Proactive Engagement: With Orufy Connect, you can take a proactive approach to customer communication by leveraging triggered messages based on user behaviour. By analyzing visitors' actions on your website, you can identify opportunities to initiate conversations and deliver personalized messages tailored to their interests and preferences. This proactive outreach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also increases the likelihood of driving conversions and fostering long-term loyalty.

Contextual Conversations: Connect provides valuable insights into each customer's chat history, allowing you to maintain context throughout interactions. Armed with this information, you can pick up conversations seamlessly and address inquiries more effectively. Moreover, enables you to send multimedia messages, such as images or videos, enriching communication and improving the clarity of information conveyed to customers.

Self-Service Options: Orufy Connect empowers customers to find solutions to their queries independently through the integration of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) within the chat window. By offering a self-service option, you streamline the support process, enabling customers to access relevant information and troubleshoot common issues without requiring assistance from live agents. This not only enhances efficiency but also empowers customers, leading to improved satisfaction and reduced support overhead.

How to add widgets to your website

Adding a chat widget to your webpage is easy peasy with Orufy Connect. Define your bot flows and easily embed our chat widget by navigating to Settings> Channels > Web widget then you see the embed code option click that button and you see the script code Simply add this code to your website and you are ready to go.

The bottom line

Adding web widgets to your website is a no-brainer. They're simple to use and can be easily added without any complicated coding. These widgets are fantastic for increasing customer engagement and improving their experience, all without needing to overhaul your website.

Get started with Orufy Connect now.

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