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Orufy Connect (opens in a new tab) is a progressed cloud-based platform made to alter the way businesses make AI bots. It allows you to make high-quality and productive bots that provide exceptional client service.

Combining the qualities of AI and human-based skills, Connect enables you to make personalized, intuitive as well as computerized forms to progress client interaction over different channels.

Orufy Connect is a cutting-edge cloud stage that is revolutionizing the way businesses make AI bots. It permits the improvement of profoundly productive and intelligent bots that give extraordinary client benefits. Through a combination of AI and human information, Connect (opens in a new tab) enables personalized intelligence as well as prepares computerization and effective engagement over diverse channels.

Create powerful AI bots using ease

At Connect We understand the importance of seamless and efficient communications with customers. Our cloud-based software allows you to easily develop AI bots regardless of your technical skills. It doesn't require an expert in coding to build strong bots. Our user-friendly interface and non-coding approach allow bot creation for anyone.

Connect customers with human techies to provide support

Orufy Connect is more than an automated response by offering the ability to integrate with real support agents seamlessly. This combination of AI and human-based expertise lets you provide the most efficient support possible which results in happy and loyal customers.

  • It is easy to manage live customer inquiries using Our Inbox module.
  • Live chat with live agents on various channels such as chats and emails, through this central platform.
  • One-stop solution for dealing with customer inquiries and FAQs as well as monitoring live agent metrics and much more.

Run marketing campaigns

Engage empowers you to run marketing campaigns and manage bots effortlessly across multiple channels. Whether it's messages, emails, inbound or outbound campaigns, Connect provides you with the tools to engage with your customers on their preferred platforms.

Analyse your bot and get valuable insights

Knowing how well your bots are doing is super important for making them better. With Connect's analytics and insights, you can see detailed info on how your bots are doing. Find out stuff like how much customers are talking to the bots, where they're from, and more. This helps you make smart decisions based on real data, so you can improve your bots and make your business even better.

Connect Easily with Other Apps and Platforms

Discover our wide range of channels available in the Channels module. Set up your bots across different platforms quickly with just one setup. Talk to your customers where they like to be, making their experience smooth and personalized.

Orufy Connect makes it simple to link up with various other apps. Connect with your favourite tools and services to make your work easier. Whether it's managing customer relationships, handling tickets, or using other business tools, our integrations help you work faster and better.

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Stay tuned to our help centre for training sessions

At the Connect (opens in a new tab) help centre, you'll receive expert-led training, including:

  • Improving your skills to craft AI bots that offer outstanding customer experiences.
  • Watch our informative product videos on YouTube for step-by-step guides, demos, and valuable insights.
  • Subscribe to our channel for the newest tips and tricks to make the most of Connect's features.

Check out our documentation

You can find quick answers to your questions in our extensive library of help articles. Dive into our organized documentation to learn all about our product's features and how it works.


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