Integrating Line with your bot using Connect

Access Connect Settings:

  • Log in to your Connect dashboard and navigate to the settings.

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Navigate to Channels:

  • Click on "Channels" in the settings menu and select Line.

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Access LINE Developers Portal:

  • Open a web browser and go to the LINE Developers Portal.
  • Log in with your business account credentials.

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Create LINE Channel:

  • Within the LINE Developers Portal, create a new LINE channel for your bot.

Retrieve Channel ID and Channel Secret:

  • Once the LINE channel is created, locate the Channel ID and Channel Secret on the 'Basic' Settings page of the LINE channel.

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Create Topic and Assign to Group:

  • Create a Topic for your LINE Channel within the LINE Developers Portal.
  • Assign the Topic to a Group.

Connect LINE with Connect:

  • Go back to the Connect dashboard and fill in the Channel ID and Channel Secret obtained from the LINE Developers Portal.
  • This connects your LINE channel with Connect.

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Configure Settings in Connect:

  • Toggle the status of the LINE channel to activate it.
  • Choose the assigned team and trigger your bot, selecting the bot you created.

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Activate Your Bot:

  • Click on "Copy Link" provided in Connect.

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  • Paste this link in the messaging API webhook settings within your LINE Developers Portal.
  • Toggle "Use Webhook" to activate your bot.

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Bot Activation Complete:

  • Your bot is now ready to interact with users on the LINE app.

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