Text Input Cards

The Text Input card facilitates seamless interaction by allowing visitors to input custom text-based information into the bot. Here's how you can add and effectively utilize Text Input cards:

Accessing Card Options:

  • Click the cardholder icon (+) to access the card gallery, then select the Text Input card under input cards.

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Card Configuration:

  • Provide a name and message to be displayed alongside the Text Input card, guiding visitors on what information to input.

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Saving Visitor Responses:

  • Save the responses (text input) in the bot context and customer field to utilize them for various purposes within the bot flow.

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Defining Input Constraints:

  • Specify any constraints or formatting instructions (Email, URL, Text, Number, Date) for the text input, ensuring clarity for visitors and consistency in data collection.

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Saving Configuration:

  • Click Save to finalize the Text Input card configuration.

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Channel Compatibility and Considerations

  • Ensure compatibility with various channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, as certain platforms may have limitations or require alternative handling methods.

Example Use Cases for Text Input Card:

  1. Feedback Collection: Gather feedback from visitors by asking them to input their comments or suggestions.
  2. User Registration: Allow visitors to input their details such as name, email, and contact number for registration purposes.
  3. Service Requests: Enable visitors to submit service requests or inquiries by inputting relevant information through the Text Input card.

By integrating Text Input cards into your bot flow, you can streamline the process of collecting text-based information from visitors, enabling personalized interactions and enhancing user engagement across various channels. Untitled design (54).png


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