Response cards

In the bot flow editor, you can enhance user interaction by adding various response card options. Firstly, for sending specific messages, you can include a step to send a message with the desired content. you can add another step, selecting "Share Links" from the response cards options. Enter the card name, description, and the links you wish to share. After filling in the required information, save your changes to implement this feature.

Carousel Images" from the response cards menu. Input the card name along with an optional description. Then, customize the carousel by adding images and configuring actions such as URLs or buttons. Finally, save your changes to incorporate the carousel into the bot flow.

Input cards

To enrich user engagement and streamline interactions within your bot flow, a variety of input cards can be implemented.

the Button Card allows users to select from multiple options, each linked to different actions or nodes, enhancing navigation and decision-making.

The Location Card simplifies the process of obtaining a user location with just a tap, improving convenience.

File Input enables users to upload files of specified formats and initiate actions, enhancing functionality.

Text Input facilitates user input, offering various input types such as email, URL, text, number, or date, catering to diverse data requirements.

The Rating Card enables users to express satisfaction using stars or emojis, providing valuable feedback for evaluation.

The multiple-choice Card offers users predefined options to choose from, streamlining decision-making processes. By integrating these input cards, your bot can offer a more interactive and tailored experience, boosting user engagement and satisfaction.

Action cards

Within the bot editor, Action Cards serve as essential blocks for managing chat interactions efficiently. The Forward Card, accessible by clicking the plus sign and selecting "Forward" from Action Cards, facilitates seamless chat forwarding. Users can easily designate recipients, be it the default recipient, a selected team, or a specific user, streamlining communication processes.

Complementing this functionality is the End Chat option, another fundamental block for concluding conversations. With a simple click and selection of "End Chat" from Action Cards, users can smoothly wrap up discussions, optionally setting a closing time for added control. Moreover,

Condition Matching adds a layer of intelligence to the conversation flow. By configuring conditions via the Conditions tab, users can create dynamic pathways based on user inputs, ensuring personalized responses tailored to individual interactions. These blocks collectively empower users to navigate conversations effectively, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience within the bot environment.

Generative AI

The ChatGPT card allows getting responses from the generative AI for the visitor's questions. To use this card, you have to integrate ChatGPT API to move further.


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