Create a Chatbot

Creating a new Chatbot

  • Sign in to your Connect account.

  • From the Connect dashboard, go to Side panel > Bot.

  • Select "Create Bot." 04-04-2024 10_42_18 AM.png

  • Provide a name for your bot and select its avatar.

  • Choose the channels where you wish to deploy your bot and then save your selections. Untitled design (2).gif

  • And your bot is created. Screenshot 2024-04-04 104542.png

Creating bot flow

A flow consists of connected dialogues that form the structure of a bot. You can include multiple flows in a bot, executed sequentially when the bot is activated.

You'll be directed to the Flows tab by default when creating a new bot. Here, you'll find sample flows to assist you in getting started.

Create new bot flow

  • Go to the bot section and click on edit flow. 04-04-2024 10_47_17 AM.png

  • Click on the plus icon. Screenshot 2024-04-04 103547.png

  • Begin by adding different kinds of cards to the flow. You can include as many cards as needed within a single flow, incorporating either messages or actions as required. for example, select a card to Send Message. Screenshot 2024-04-04 103748.png

  • Enter the necessary details and save. After that click on test bot to preview your flow. Screenshot 2024-04-04 103944.png

Construct conversations using nodes

Nodes are key components within these flows, indicating specific moments in the conversation. Each node serves as a point where the bot can take action or reply to user input.

Linking Nodes

Nodes are interconnected to establish the flow of conversation. This connection is created by linking the end of one node to the beginning of another. Screenshot 2024-04-04 110450.png

Bot Responses and Training

The bot's replies are determined by what customers input. To improve its comprehension, the bot can undergo training in the Intent section. Untitled design (17).png

Integrating with Generative AI

Effortlessly connect your bot with Generative AI, allowing it to access information and deliver precise answers.

Publish your bot

Once you've added all the necessary components (flows, database, NLU training, APIs, etc.), follow these steps:

  • Test your bot on the right pane by choosing the desired channel. Untitled design (18).png
  • Publish the bot to Live or Production mode. An email request is sent to the bot admins for approval.
  • Super admins or designated Approvers have the authority to approve the publish request.
  • Include the bot as a chat widget on your preferred platform. Screenshot 2024-04-04 112044.png

Your initial bot is up and running, but you can further improve its abilities by exploring additional modules and integrating features to streamline interactions with customers.

Here are some ways to enhance your bot:

  • Integrate third-party tools
  • Run inbound and outbound marketing campaigns
  • Integrate tech support and knowledge base

Monitor your bot's performance.

Your bot automatically tracks insights, but you can tailor the data you want to track through the Insights module.

Bot Settings

Edit/Delete Bot

  • Once you've created your bot, you'll notice three dots next to the "Edit Flow" button. Untitled design (19).png
  • Click on these dots, and a menu will appear where you can choose to edit, delete, or adjust bot settings.
  • In the edit option, you can change the bot's name, avatar, and channels.
  • In the settings, you have the option to adjust the bot's response time and customize the Natural Language Processing (NLP) settings. Screenshot 2024-04-04 115142.png

Screenshot 2024-04-04 115211.png

  • If you choose delete, you can simply remove your bot.

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