WhatsApp Business on Connect

Access Settings

  • Go to the Connect dashboard and click on "Settings".

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Navigate to Channels

  • In the settings menu, find and click on "Channels".
  • Click on the WhatsApp option.

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Follow Guided Setup

  • Follow the guided setup instructions to connect your WhatsApp Business number or register a new one.
  • Enjoy the first 1000 conversations per month for free on the account that you add!
  • Click on "Start Setup" to begin the setup process for your WhatsApp Business account.

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Fill in Details

  • A dialogue box will appear where you need to fill in details such as name, number, company name, company size, etc.

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  • Give the project a name and save the information.

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Activate WhatsApp

  • Click on "Activate WhatsApp" to proceed with the activation process.

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  • You'll be directed to a third-party platform to verify the setup.

Verification Process

  • Verify the information about your company and the phone number you wish to connect to the WhatsApp Business API.

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  • Ensure that your company follows Facebook's compliance policy.

Manage Facebook Business Manager Account

  • Upon verification of your Facebook Business Manager account by Meta, you'll gain the ability to initiate unlimited conversations.
  • Unverified accounts may face limitations, including initiating only 50 business-initiated conversations within a 24-hour rolling window.
  • Responding to customer-initiated conversations is allowed without restrictions.
  • There's a cap of two WhatsApp business numbers per unverified Facebook Business Manager account.
  • In case of unsuccessful business verification, you can continue using the number with the mentioned restrictions or request verification by providing proof of legal entity and business access.
  • Verified status ensures unrestricted interaction with customers via WhatsApp, and WhatsApp conducts various checks to ensure compliance with its policies regarding WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) and display/business name.

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