Manage Filters

Manage filters in Connect

Access Connect Settings

  • Log in to your Connect dashboard and click on "Settings."

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Navigate to Chat Settings

  • Under the settings menu, select "Chat Settings."
  • Within Chat Settings, find and click on "Manage Filters."

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Create New Filter

  • Click on "Create New Filter" to start creating a new filter.

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  • A dialog box will appear where you can input necessary details:
    • Name: Provide a name for your filter.
    • Visibility: Choose whether the filter should be visible to agents only or to both agents and administrators.
    • Assign To: Specify whether the filter should be assigned to agents, bots, or left unassigned.
    • Tags: Select any relevant tags to apply to conversations that match the filter criteria.
    • Status: Choose the status of conversations to include in the filter (e.g., open, closed, pending).
    • Channels: Select the channels (e.g., web, messenger) to apply the filter to.
    • Response Status: Specify the response status of conversations to include in the filter (e.g., waiting for response, resolved).

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  • Once you've filled in the necessary details, click "Save" to create the filter.

Manage Filters

  • After saving, your filter will be listed in the Manage Filters section.

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  • You can edit, delete, or view conversations associated with the filter from this section.
  • You can also create additional filters by repeating the above steps.

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Apply Filters in Chat Section

  • In the chat section, click on the filter icon.

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  • Select the necessary filter details (e.g., tags, status, channels) and click "Create New Filter."

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  • These filter settings will also reflect in the Manage Filters settings, allowing for consistent management across the platform.

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